Lukas Koch

Graduate in finance / tax advisor / junior partner
Tax advice

Lukas Koch “lives” tax advice and combines knowledge from different areas

Lukas Koch is a tax advisor par excellence. Through his dual studies at the Hessian Finance University in Rotenburg an der Fulda, to earn a degree in finance (FH), and his various positions in the Hessian financial administration (in the tax office, the regional finance department, the Hessian Ministry of Finance and at the Hessian financial school), as well as as an employed tax consultant, he has developed a broad and well-founded specialist knowledge. This is the foundation for his consulting work. He is focused on income tax and tax structuring advice (including corporate restructuring). For this a knowledge of a wide variety of tax types is required and that is exactly what Lukas Koch loves and masters. Lukas Koch is a director in the J+P Gruppe and managing director of the Gießen site since 2022. In his leisure time, he is a passionate tennis player and has been a member of the board of his tennis club for years. He also likes to go jogging and is a passionate soccer fan.