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JAKOWETZ + Partner PartGmbB

… is THE “tax planning consultancy” in Dautphetal and Weimar / Lahn. JAKOWETZ + Partner PartGmbB has been providing tax consulting and auditing services for more than 40 years. A lawyer complements the team of experienced experts. JAKOWETZ + Partner, located in Dautphetal, was founded in the late 1940s by tax agent Wilhelm Becker. In 1976 the tax advisor and sworn auditor, Gertrud Jakowetz, took over the firm. In 1992 the tax consultants Torsten Märte and Uwe Schwarz merged with Gertrud Jakowetz to form the tax consultancy firm JAKOWETZ + Partner GbR. Over the years, more partners got on board and in 2006 the law firm was converted into a partner company. JAKOWETZ + Partner grew significantly in the years to come. In 2008, the Bad Endbach tax office Werner Müller, which was also founded in the late 1940s, was taken over. In 2023, the relocation of the Biedenkopf and Bad Endbach locations to Dautphetal took place. 50 employees now belong to JAKOWETZ + Partner PartGmbB, which is part of the J + P Group.

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J+P Steuerberatungsgesellschaft mbH

… advises you on all tax issues at our Giessen location. J + P Steuerberatungsgesellschaft mbH in Giessen has been active as a tax consultancy and auditing company for almost 40 years. The company’s roots go back to 1980. In that year the LAHN-DILL GmbH auditing company was founded. In 1989 Jürgen Janisch took over the company and established a tax advisory unit in addition to the auditing company. In 2016 this tax consultancy became a member of the J + P Group and J + P Steuerberatungsgesellschaft mbH got its current format. In 2018 Jürgen Janisch retired from the management. The company is currently managed by the managing directors Markus Strauss, Karsten Dittrich, Michael Lenz, Lukas Koch and Sarah Jung. In addition to five managing directors, there are currently more than 20 employees at the Giessen site who deal with all questions and concerns with great expertise.

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JPLH Treuhand AG

… is your modern, client-oriented auditing company. JPLH Treuhand AG Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft in Dautphetal was founded in 2007. Since March 2010 the company has been registered as an auditor for quality control in accordance with Section 57a ​​(3) WPO. Our medium-sized auditing company primarily carries out annual audits of companies of all legal forms and industries. With our ten audit managers and audit assistants as well as four auditors and the various expertise of the entire group, we form a powerful team that flexibly supports our clients with a high level of professional training and a wealth of experience.

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JPLH Consult GmbH

… offers you practical and serious consulting services in the field of business consulting. JPLH Consult GmbH was founded in 2010 under the management of Dr. Peter Hager. After Norbert Mai joined the company as a partner and managing director in 2011, the company concentrated on all consulting topics, both in project management and in organizational and financial advice for corporations under public law. Over the years, the focus of activities changed. Since then, the GmbH has also taken on all issues in traditional management consulting, including special issues such as company valuations.

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J+P Marburg Steuerberatungsgesellschaft mbH

…is your competent partner for all your tax issues at our Marburg location. CS Steuerberatungsgesellschaft mbH was founded in 2019 and emerged from the company „CHRISTIAN SCHRÖDER – Certified Accountant“. The cornerstone of company was laid in Weimar (Lahn) in 2007. In 2015, the move to the current premises in the FORUM Marburg took place. On January 01, 2022 CS Steuerberatungsgesellschaft mbH merged with the J+P Gruppe. With this step, we have succeeded in expanding our competencies, both professionally and personally. Within the J+P Group, we enable a targeted exchange in the areas of tax consulting, auditing, management consulting and legal advice that is geared to the interests of our clients. In addition to the tax advisors Christian Schröder and Lukas Koch, lawyer Mathias Koch and auditor and tax advisor Michael Lenz complement the management at the Marburg location.